North Central Illinois Perinatal Network
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Level I

The overall goals for regional coordination of ambulatory prenatal care are to ensure appropriate care for all women, to better use available resources, and to improve the outcome of pregnancy

(Guidelines for Perinatal Care, sixth edition. American Academy of Pediatrics. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

Level I Hospitals:

  • Provide care for women with an uncomplicated pregnancy and who have no prior history that would suggest a potential problem.
  • Provide care for newborns that are born at greater than or equal to 36 weeks gestation, whose birth weight is greater than or equal to 2500 grams (5 pounds, 8 ounces) and who are well babies.

(Guidelines for Perinatal Care, fifth edition)
(Illinois Department of Public Health Administrative Code 640.41)

The following list displays links to Level I hospitals within the North Central Illinois Perinatal Network.

Name & Location of Hospital 
OSF St. James Medical Center-John W AlbrechtDetails
Memorial Hospital (Carthage) UPHDetails